Web-based telephone directory


CBAS Web Telephone Directory is – as its name indicates – a Web-based telephone directory. The user interface is very simple, it allows for narrowing the search to a part of an organization and it has only one search field. The searchable fields can be configured.
CBAS Web Telephone Directory does a phonetic search based on the Double Metaphone algorithm and it has export facilities for Open Office and Excel.


We where looking for a Web based telephone directory, and found several candidates. But the all seemed to be working directly on a directory like eDirectory or Active Directoy, and so were limited to the searching capability of the directory, but they were often able to edit fields in the directory, which wasn’t a requirement from our customer.
So we decided to make an application that would have a simple user interface and a powerfull search capability.



The organization is built dynamically based on the data found in the phone book.